About this site

Hello and welcome to my website! As you can see at the address bar of your browser my name is Mario González. I am from Avila, a beautiful city of Castile, in the middle of Spain and I am a researcher in the field of Physical Chemistry. I started this website in 2005, when I was a Chemistry student at the University of Salamanca and my name appeared on a list titled "Scholars ERASMUS 2005-06" next to the name of a German university: Technical University of Dresden. At that time there were not social networks (the people still were talking about "web 2.0") so I decided that the best way to tell my family and friends what I was doing during my stay was to create a blog on MSN spaces called "The adventures of Mario in Germany". In this blog I often published anecdotes and pictures, most of them influenced by the fact that it was the first time I was living such a long time in a country with a different culture.

Primer diseño del blog
2005 - First blog

Over time, the website grew to hundreds of daily visits, so when I returned to Spain, I continued updating it with more anecdotes despite (or because of) my hard post-Erasmus syndrome. One day during final exams at the university (you can imagine how the mind travels when you're sitting in front of some notes) I thought I could make my own website with the texts I had written in Germany. So when the exams ended I prepared mariogonzalez.es with my basic knowledge of HTML (I spent a lot of time thinking about the domain name, but in the end, I simply put my name).

Los comienzos de mariogonzalez.es
2007 - The begginings of mariogonzalez.es

I uploaded to the new site many of my lecture notes and I started to write about everything I liked: advertising, travel... but mostly science. Also, shortly after starting the new domain, I received a grant to do my diploma thesis in Berlin so I wrote a little about my stay there. Over time the design of the page evolved. After returning from Berlin, I incorporated CSS; a few years later, I moved the page to blogger to include comments and a mobile version; and, finally, in addition to a new responsive design, I have changed the structure of the site so now the blog has become a subsection and there are some parts translated into English.

La web con CSS
2008 - Design with CSS

So, I hope you like what you find here and remember you can always contact me via email mario@mariogonzalez.es or my twitter account: @magonji. I'm open to suggestions, corrections and criticisms!.